M2PTEX*e Conductive Woven Fabric

    m2ptex Productsspacer Recently, along with the rapid development of human technology, high bandwidth, digitalization of all kinds of electronic equipment, amply increased the work efficiency and improved people's lives. However, along comes the Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) with its problems, apart from interfering the electronic equipment and instruments, it has been proved that it is also harmful to our health. How to protect personal safety and maintain the harmony with the electric equipment and environment and the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)? So far, this has been the focus of the world. In view of this, FORMOSA Company has put much effort into the research and development of new technology, using chemical metal to cover industrial equipment is helpful to the electrical conduction and the shielding of electromagnetic wave, thus the electro-conductive fabric M2PTEX*e is born.

  • Physical Characteristics

    M2PTEX*e has excellent softness and flexibility; its metal surface (nickel, copper, copper/nickel) which also forms excellent electrical conduction, possesses outstanding anti-electromagnetic interference capacity.

  • Effects of electromagnetic shielding

    According to the different wave lengths, the following forms exist in our environment, they can be divided into 3 categories: 1. Microwave: radar for airplanes, satellite communication, microwave oven, communication equipment. 2. VHF, HF, MF: VHF TV signal, FM radio signal, wireless communication. 3. Gamma ray, X-ray: medical equipment, physical, chemical, medical research equipment, nuclear power plant. The electromagnetic wave is easily intefered by other electronic appliances in the same environment, producing errors, interfering with images. Also the electromagnetic radiation from TV, computer, cellular phones is harmful to human body.

    The theory of the electromagnetic shielding is to use the low resistance material, because the conductive material has a reflexive and conduction effects to the electromagnetic waves. According to the electromagnetic shielding theory of metal material, its electromagnetic shielding effect is the sum of reflexive wearing, absorption wearing of electromagnetic wave and the wearing of electromagnetic wave in the shielding materials (figure 1). Overall, copper and nickel have good electrical conduction, its EMI shielding efficiency is excellent.

    M2PTEX*e uses the new technology to metalize the textile, providing it with excellent anti-electromagnetic effect and softness.

  • The application of M2PTEX*e
    • Anti-electromagnetic interference for precision instruments
    • PC EMI shielding material
    • Gasket
    • Conductive tape
    • anti-electrodetection
    • OA work suit
    • Architectural shielding material/curtain
    • anti-electromagnetic interference for communication equipment

  • M2PTEX*e's function

    It has excellent electromagnetic wave shielding efficiency (car, military radar, computer), anti-electric detection (bank, hi-tech company, military institutions), self-protection (anti-statics, electromagnetic shielding), precision test, anti-electromagnetic interference, etc.

  • M2PTEX*e's product list

    Sample No.Material
    Surface Resistivity
    EMI effectiveness(dB)SampleRemark
    FCN-Q120PET Cu+Ni115131970.0325052 . Flexible taffeta
    FCN-Q150PET Cu+Ni1151271080.0364849 . Flexible taffeta
    FCN-M323PET Cu+Ni115102870.0275052 . Flexible taffeta
    FCN-Q540PET Cu+Ni1151291020.0225051 . Flexible taffeta
    FCN-M960PET Cu+Ni115100920.0295053 . Flexible taffeta
    FCN-M800PET Cu+Ni115100920.035053 . Flexible taffeta
    FCN-Ml29PET Cu+Ni11575680.0255154 . Flexible taffeta
    FCN-Ml45PET Cu+Ni11575690.0315053 . Flexible taffeta
    FCN-Ml76PET Cu+Ni11594900.0285053 . Flexible taffeta
    FCN-Ml87PET Cu+Ni115114970.0325052 . Flexible taffeta
    FCN-Ml91PET Cu+Ni11587830.035052 . Flexible taffeta
    FCN-M203PET Cu+Ni115102960.0285052 . Flexible taffeta
    FCN-R470PET Cu+Ni115107840.0325053 . Rip Stop taffeta
    FCN-Rl20PET Cu+Ni115110870.0285053 . Rip Stop taffeta
    FCN-R216PET Cu+Ni11586680.0315053 . Rip Stop taffeta
    FCN-MT05PET Cu+Ni1153532130.0324952 . High thickness
    FCN-MT10PET Cu+Ni1153682180.0355052 . High thickness
    FCN-MT24PET Cu+Ni1151972630.0555051 . High thickness
    FCN-4501PET/C Cu+Ni1151941450.0235053 . T/C
    FCN-EN23Nomex Cu+Ni1153251950.0235052 . Flameretardent

  • Contact

    • Mr. Chung (Hsing-Nan), Mr. Chang
    • E-mail: t8004@ftc.com.tw(Mr. Chung)
    • Tel: 886-5-5577525(Mr. Chung), 886-5-5577375(Mr. Chang)
    • Fax: 886-5-5574580(Mr. Chang)

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