Hi-Sett® High Density Water-resistant Fabric

    Conventionally, the water-resistant fabric is made water-resistance or waterproof through coating or adhesiveness. Hi-Sett® is made of ultra thin fiber by means of the sophisticated and state-of-the-art weaving procedure and excellent dyeing technique to attain high performance water-resistance without coating or adhesiveness. The fabric is featured with the comfort of gentle hand feeling, moisture and air permeability and smooth touching as well as the unique functions of wind-breaking, ultraviolet-proof and fluff-proof, making it a multi-purpose, superb quality textile for the new era.

  • Organizational Chart and Schematic Diagram for Hi-Sett®

    Using the ultra thin fiber with the state-of-the-art weaving and dyeing techniques, Hi-Sett®creates superb coverture featuring multiple functions of waterproof, wind-breaking, durable water-repulsion, moisture and vapor permeability etc.

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  • Performance of Hi-Sett® Products

    The Hi-Sett® versatile fabric that the FTC developed is multi-functional product whose durable waterproof and water repulsion outwear frequent washings. The fabric can be widely applied in daily life. With the additional properties of wind-breaking and ultraviolet-proof it caters for the most requisite demand in the 21st century. Further more, Hi-Sett® is featured with moisture (vapor) permeability as well as fluff-proof that enrich the fabric with a dry and comfortable touch-feeling.

  • Application of Hi-Sett®

    • Wind coat
    • Raincoat
    • Down coat
    • Fabric with ultraviolet-proof
    • Surgical gown
    • Fabric for sport and casual wear

  • Performance Standard

    PerformanceWashing timesWaterproof (W/P)Water-repellency (W/R)
    JIS L1092-5.1.2-B-1986JIS L1092-5.2-1986
    Performance standard 1L25800 mmH2O 以上80以上
    Performance standard 2L25500 mmH2O 以上80以上

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