FTC Fuse Yarn Natural-like Fabrics

Formosa Taffeta presents a series of the natural-like fabrics named "Fuse Yarn" , which offer natural-feel textures and nature-style patterns.

Fuse Yarn series of products provides several unique innovative functional features to meet different demands:
  • Ultra light Weight Stretch: FTC Ultra Light Weight Stretch is highly-elastic and super comfy, perfect for indoor sports apparel for which elasticity and comfort are the key.
  • Cotton Feel Comfortable Stretch: High-quality fabrics with fluffy cotton feel and comfortable elasticity that is ideal for extreme sports.
  • Ultra Light Cotton-like: For general outdoor sports clothing, which is light, comfortable and has excellent wicking performance.

Thick & Thin
The yarns appear as if they have layers of different densities, using a multiple color effect, producing a surface that is bright, light and thin. Frost-like patterns are scattered randomly on the fabrics, which add a snowy luster and shine.
Dynamic Over-feed Filament
The clear bamboo texture offers a three-dimensional feel on the fabric surface. Symmetrical extending filament patterns can be customized in length and density as required by the orders.

 Contact us:

- Contact: Lawrence Liu, Teddy Hu
- E-mail: lawrenceliu@ftc.com.tw(Lawrence), u686590@ftc.com.tw(Teddy)
- Telphone: (886)2-8770-1631(Lawrence), 886-5-5577438(Teddy)
- Fax: (886)2-27174316(Lawrence)

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