FTC-FONEWR nano® Super Durable Water Repellent Fabric



FONEWR nano® fabric is produced by nano technology, which contains the super durable water repellent, oil repellent, self-cleansing, and anti-staining fabric with nano surface structure. The preliminary water repellent level can reach 100(AATCC-22), and oil repellent level to 4 degree (AATCC-118); After 100 times of washing, the water repellent level reaches 80, oil repellent reaches 3 degree with excellent dry-clean durability.

The fabric can work with microfiber materials with double weave to give easy care feature. Regardless of the activities engaged, users can maintain cleanness, dryness, and comfort. It can even be applied with other processing such as antibacterial or UV-protection processing to further enhance the fabric values.


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