PET Bottle Recycle Fiber Yarn

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PET Bottle Recycle Fiber Yarn-2

spacer Using 1.5 recycle PET bottles to make a T-shirt!

It is a green renewable fiber made up of PET bottle. As for the production steps, the cover and label is removed first. The PET bottle is washed and cleaned. It is cut and melted. Then it is span to get yarn. The yarn is weaved and processed to get various fabrics and clothes, such as T-shirt, hat, gloves, pullover shirt, jacket, handbag, and carpet etc.

Characteristics of Product:

  1. Green environmental protection: After the production and consumption, normal fiber products will generate lots of wastes, which will pollute the environment directly or indirectly. This product is the reuse of waste, which can reduce the environmental pollution effectively.
  2. Good safety: PET bottle and polyester are the same material, which has the same property with polyester fiber, such as non-toxic, good safety.


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