VORTEX Air Stream Spinning Yarn

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VORTEX Air Stream Spinning Yarn

spacer This yarn is spun and made through the new-type spinning machine VORTEXR. Between the processes, long fibers converge to the core and short fibers diverge to the outer layer by vortex air. The unique yarn formation gives VORTEXR yarn more various features.

Characteristics of Product:

  1. Moisture absorption: The arrangement of fiber is extremely parallel to spinning, it is original to utilize physics siphon, to guide and remove the moisture. The result is good.
  2. Less hairiness & resistance to pilling: The fiberĄŠs structure is closer than general ring spinning process. The yarn has less hairiness. Therefore, it resists friction and anti-pilling specially excellent.
  3. Wash resistance & abrasion resistance: The number of washing times is also higher than general fabric.


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