FTC Boometex® Recycelednylon/Polyester Fabrics, New-generation Green Fabric

Because the mankind is facing the threat of global warming and resource exhaustion, based on the environmental protection concept of renewable resource and responsibility sense of earth environment, our company devotes to the development of environmental protection fabrics, uses the recycled PET and nylon to produce polyester fabric or nylon fabric, in order to reduce the consumption of resource, energy as well as the emission of CO. They are new-generation green ecological and environmental protection products.

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 Contact us:

- Contact: Lawrence Liu, Ming-Yung Huang
- E-mail: lawrenceliu@ftc.com.tw(Lawrence), t8006@ftc.com.tw(Ming-Yung)
- Telphone: (886)2-8770-1631(Lawrence), 886-5-5577509(Ming-Yung)
- Fax: (886)2-27174316(Lawrence)

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