Germanium Fiber Yarn

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spacer What is Germanium?

Germanium is a chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol Ge and atomic number 32. This is a lustrous, hard, silver-white metalloid that is chemically similar to tin. Germanium forms a large number of organ metallic compounds and is an important semiconductor material used in transistors. Germanium is a hard, grayish-white element that has a metallic luster and the same crystal structure as diamond. In addition, it is important to note that germanium is a semiconductor, with electrical properties between those of a metal and an insulator. In its pure state, this metalloid is crystalline, brittle and retains its luster in air at room temperature.

The Organic Germanium

There are two different kinds of Germanium. One is organic and the other is generic. The organic germanium exists in normal environment, such as water, natural spa, or some special plants such as Chinese Medicien "Glossy Ganoderma", which contains 700 to 2000 ppm of germanium. And wild ginseng of 20 years of age or more contains as high as 400ppm of germanium. Even garlic can have some 0.35mm of germanium. Germanium was also found in source of drinking water. In 1914, a researcher named Bardet found positive response of germanium in drinking water in a small town France. Water containing germanium could be used for medical treatment started at a village between the border of France and Spain. The villageˇ¦s famous fountain became famous because it cured a rare disease on a three-years-old girl. Japan also has similar founding from time to time. North-East China, Da-Lian City, the city water was superstitiously called the "miracle water", or "holy water" due to its positive response of germanium.

The Inorganic Germanium

Generic germanium exists deeply underground or within other elements. Because of its characteristic to be combined with other elements, it is not easy to obtain. Also, it has to be carefully processed before usable. By uses advanced technology of refinement and its specialty in textile production to embed germanium into fiber. Hence to manufacture fibers those are healthy to human bodies. By taking advantages of germanium's active and antioxidant characteristics, this special fiber can improve metabolic process, and reduce the tiredness for those who have large workload on daily basis.


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