FTC BODYTEK®.11: Heat Generated by Moistrue Absorption Serial Yarn

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spacer Heat Generated by Moistrue Absorption Serial Yarn

Generating Heat Only By Wearing:
The Comfortable Material Excellent in Temperature Control or Humidity Regulation.

"SUNBURNER" is a revolutionary functional fiber material which generates heat by absorption of moisture. The heat generated when the fibers absorb moisture (the absorption heat) is extremely large with approx. 3 times of that of wool, and in addition, this almighty multi-function material has other functions like deodorizing, pH-buffering, water absorption, reduction of static electricity, flame resistance, etc.


  • Heat Generated By Moisture AbsorptionĄG

    "Moisture absorption heat" is called the heat which generate when a fiber absorbs moisture surrounding itself and "SUNBURNER" applies the principle.

    "SUNBURNER" generate large amount of moisture absorption heat by making many hydrophilic groups hold on by improvement of a fiber's surface, and raising the absorption capability of surrounding moisture. The ability to generate a large quantity of moisture absorption heat of "SUNBURNER" is excellent, this ability is 3 times as high as that of wool fabric.

  • Deodorizing EffectĄG

    As "SUNBURNER" also has a deodorizing effect in regard to ammonia etc., it is a clean and pleasant material.

  • Water AbsorptionĄG

    The water absorption of "SUNBURNER" is better than cotton, it is comfortable textile fabric at the feeling of wearing which absorbed perspiration quickly, is not sticky.

  • Decreasing Static ElectricityĄG

    Since "SUNBURNER" has the excellent effect which decreases static electricity which happens to a winter season, and prevents coiling round of clothing.

  • PH-BufferingĄG

    "SUNBURNER" can return to the neutral pH value if the pH shifts to the acetic or the alkaline side since "SUNBURNER" has itself a pH buffer effect.

  • Flame-ResistanceĄG

    "SUNBURNER" provides itself flame resistant properties. LOI is very high (as much as 35-36), and development for various uses is possible.

    *.LOI: limiting oxygen, index method: JIS-K-7021

  • SafetyĄG

    "SUNBURNER" is checked safety by the skin pasting examination of a human body.


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