FTC BODYTEK®.9: Soft Touch Yarn

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Bodytek Products

Bodytek Products

spacer Soft Touch Yarn

It utilizes specially designed spinneret and solvent to produce a fiber with smaller cross-section diameter (denier count < 1.0 den). Due to the fineness of cell fiber, textiles made of this fiber are able to obtain improved handle without going through reduction process.


  1. Excellent touch: Because this fiber has a lower denier count, textiles made of this fiber are characterized by superb handle featuring softness, delicacy and smoothness.
  2. More compact fiber array provides textiles with better coverture and thermal retention function.
  1. It is suitable for blending with other spun fibers or using alone, to produce higher count yarns and increase the added values of textiles.
  2. Woven fabric: shirt, dress, suit, coat and quality furnishing textile.
  3. Knitted fabric: casual wear, sportswear and underwear.
  1. NF (100%)
  2. NF/C (65/35)
  3. NFVC (60/40)
  4. Other blending ratios can be developed and created according to customers' individual needs.

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