FTC BODYTEK®.8: Low Pilling Yarn

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Bodytek Products

Bodytek Products

spacer Low Pilling Yarn

Textiles made of man-made fibers feature wrinkle resistance. However, because those fibers possess higher strength and tenacity, textiles made of those fibers are more vulnerable to bad-looking "pilling phenomenon" upon rubbing. On the contrary, textiles made of pure cotton fibers are provided with better pilling resistance, but are more vulnerable to wrinkle. Now, this low pilling fiber is a polyester fiber compromising the properties of above two fibers, and is characterized by low strength and low elongation.


The cross-section structure of this fiber provides it with the features of low strength and low elongation. Therefore, textiles made of this fiber are less vulnerable to pilling.


  1. It is suitable for blending with natural cotton fiber to produce CVC yarn, featuring enhanced wearing comfort.
  2. Casual wear and sportswear.
  1. LP (100%)
  2. LPVC (70/30)
  3. Other blending ratios can be developed and created according to customers' individual needs.

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