FTC BODYTEK®.3: Dry and Thermal Retention Yarn

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Bodytek Products

Bodytek Products

spacer Dry and Thermal Retention Yarn

It combines more fibers with different cross-sections by means of blending, to attain the multiple functions of moisture absorbing with quick drying as well as ultra lightweight, super soft and warm.


  1. Moisture absorbing & quick drying: This product utilizes the concave guide channel of irregular cross-section fiber to create capillarity. The capillarity enables this product to rapidly evacuate the moisture and sweat on skin surface to exterior to diffuse and evaporate, keeping body surface dry and comfortable.
  2. Thermal retention: Hollow cross-section fiber contains air which is capable of blocking heat. This product utilizes such natural phenomenon to ensure that, after exercise, the actions of moisture absorbing & sweat repellent fiber or the coldness of wind outdoors will not cause a sudden decrease in body temperature, which might let the person catch a cold.
  3. Wearing comfort: The irregular cross-section structure reduces textile density. Clothes made of such material feature the wearing comfort of soft touch.
  4. Safety: Both the moisture drainage and thermal retention functions of these fibers are the effects of physical phenomena. Therefore, this product is absolutely safe.
  1. This product has a variety of applications but is particularly appropriate for sportswear and casual wear used in autumn or winter.
  2. Woven fabric: shirt and hat.
  3. Knitted fabric: sportswear, casual wear, coat, gloves and socks.
  1. YL/H (50/50)

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