FTC BODYTEK®.1: Nano Far Infra-Red (FIR) Yarn

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spacer Nano Far Infra-Red (FIR) Yarn

"Far Infra-Red (FIR)" fiber is the abbreviation for "Far Infra-Red Radiation" fiber. The wavelength of the FIR ray emitted by this kind of fiber material is 4กใ14um. FIR ray falling under such wave band is not only harmless to health but also quite easily absorbable by human body. FIR ray can trigger the resonance of water molecules in human body and in turn activate the water molecules adhered to cell surface, increase the friction among molecules, and lead to the formation of thermal effect. Since it's a natural phenomenon that substances expand when it's hot and shrink when it's cold, blood capillaries expand as a result of the thermal effect. In this way, FIR ray helps accelerate blood circulation, expedite the metabolism function and invigorate the physiology of human body. Therefore, this product is an ideal material for health-care clothes.


  1. Radioactivity: Same as light, FIR ray transmits energy directly by means of radiation, without going through air or contacting other media.
  2. Strong penetration: FIR ray can go deep into the hypodermis to warm up human body from inside and activate cells.
  3. Excellent thermal effect: The fiber is produced by means of original filament application technique. Therefore, it possesses permanent thermal retention feature and will not compromise its original function on account of number of water washes.
  1. It is suitable for blending with natural cotton fiber to produce CVC yarn, featuring enhanced wearing comfort.
  2. Woven fabric: weather jacket, quilt cover, bed sheet, aerobic wear and various medical fabrics.
  3. Knitted fabric: sportswear, casual wear, underwear, socks, gloves, protective gear as well as various winter clothes and accessories.
  1. F (100%)
  2. FVC (65/35)
  3. F/C (65/35)
  4. Other blending ratios can be developed and created according to customers' individual needs.


This fabric was made by using the hi-tech materials of "Far Infra-Red (FIR)" fiber.

The far infrared released from this kind of fiber material is quite easily absorbable by human body. Beyond these, F.I.R. can also help vivify cells and absorb the thermal energy from body so that people can indirectly undergo self-treatment process, expedite the metabolism functions, and strengthen our physical agility, improve our health conditions as well. Therefore, with the help of FIR fabric, people can be prevented the invasion of bacteria, dust and odor from human body, so that we can have a much healthier life than ever.

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