Develop Sustainable Environment

Develop Sustainable Environment
lSustainable Development Policies

        To follow what the vice chairman announced in 2013 Sustainability Development Report for the economic, social and 
   environmental policies


l Sustainable Development Strategies

          To create green processes and products through enabling FTC people to do themselves justice with environmental
    protection in mind, and to continuously grow and meet stakeholders’ expectations through the promotion of lean production,
    advances in effectiveness of resource usage, the utilization of environmentally friendly materials and green equipment, and the
    supply of ecologically safe products


lSustainable Development Matrix
Ø For FTC's long- and short-term business development, please refer to of the 2017 annual report\V. Operational Overview\(I)
     Business Status section\iv. Long- and Short-terms Plans (on pp. 111-114 of
Ø For achievable work items for execution in long-term business development plan, please refer to the following matrix on
     sustainable development in the next 10 years.