Formosa Taffeta Co. and illumiNITE Reflective Fabrics Announce Joint Venture
New Agreement Will Broaden IllumiNITE Offerings and Reduce Costs of illumiNITE-treated Fabric

illumiNITE Products spacer (Cambridge, MA) January 26,1999--Formosa Taffeta Co., Ltd. (FTC), one of the world's leading fabric producers, has teamed with Reflective Technologies, Inc. the exclusive producer of illumiNITE' reflective fabrics, to produce a broad range of fabric applications at Formosa's Asian production facilities. Reflective Technologies, Inc. is the developer of a technology that converts proprietary materials into miniature sataLITE DISH' reflectors that, when imbedded into fabric, reflects oncoming light in a way that illuminates the full silhouette of an oncoming object.

This new partnership will allow manufacturers greater v 'ety of products and more flexibility in the purchase and use of illumiNITE fabrics. At the same time, this agreement will reduce manufacturing costs of illumiNITE-treated apparel, creating broader markets at retail.

"We have proven the illumiNITE technology on our equipment and we have completed our first production run successfully, " says James Lee, Senior Vice President for FTC.

Orders for Formosa illumiNITE fabrics are now being taken. Ten new, woven fabrics are being introduced this year. Several other fabrics are being developed and will be available shortly. Manufacturers will still have the flexibility to order custom designs and colors. Under the partnership, FTC will also offer a range of moisture management and waterproof finishes as part of the expanded illumiNITE Weather System.

For manufacturers, the new partnership allows for greater new product development and the opportunity to better differentiate their reflective apparel and accessories.

"Our new partnership with FTC provides us the economy of scale to significantly lower our price of woven goods in order to better serve our customers in the outdoor and athletic apparel markets," says Robert Rizika, Vice President, Marketing and Sales for Reflective Technologies, Inc. "Manufacturers will benefit economically while still receiving high quality, performance fabrics with great service."

Samples of illumiNITE products and fabrics currently available from FTC will be on display at the ISPO Show in Munich, Germany at Reflective Technologies Inc.'s stand in Hall A6-426A and at FTC's stand in Hall A2-61. And on display at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City, Utah at the illumiNITE booth, Pavilion 1, booth #5335.

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