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  FTC/Gore Project Opening Ceremony

The BumbleBee Project quietly got underway one year ago in FTC's factory in Douliu, Taiwan. After one-year preparation, planning and construction, the facility is now officially opened on Tuesday 30 August 2016 and scheduled to commence operation in the fourth quarter of this year. This project marks a key milestone in Taiwan's textile industry, setting off a new mode of collaboration with large international manufacturers, as well as promoting the production of functional textiles in Taiwan.

FTC/Gore Project Opening Ceremony Pic.0 Formosa Taffeta Co., Ltd. and the US-based W. L. Gore & Associates Inc. are jointly announcing the authorization of Formosa Taffeta to produce GORE-TEX® fabrics for their consumer fabrics business. Unlike a conventional direct operation strategy, this arrangement is Gore's fabric division first authorised globally manufacturing partnership.

The project will deliver universally consistent high quality using a production process compliant with safety and environmental standards as set out in Gore Fabrics product promise and environmental/sustainability promise, exhibiting business flexibility, agility and efficiency in an increasingly competitive functional textile supply chain to ensure Gore's long term partnerships with FTC.

A few years ago, Gore's top executives considered how existing business strategy models are going to change with global textile market changes and challenged their existing models. Change is an innovation, which reminds us that we should act like roles in the movieĦ¨ TransformersĦ¨ to be able to adapt rapidly to changing market conditions, and this is why the project was named BumbleBee.

Having worked with Formosa Taffeta for many years to supply laminated base fabrics on the long term, Gore found Formosa Taffeta to be a globally influential textile supplier and a trustworthy ally and thus chose to invest in it as a partner.

An Industry 4.0 smart factory has been built by Formosa Taffeta converting an unused factory with Gore providing the equipment and technical support necessary to produce high quality consumer textiles. The project not only helped improve Formosa Taffeta's process management and technology and facilitated the sharing of marketing experience but also created more business opportunities for Formosa Taffeta through the joint development of high value-added functional textiles. With this, it is proven that the soft power potential developed by Taiwan's textile industry in recent years is much recognized by large international manufacturers and has provided the best commentary on Formosa Taffeta's business strategy of thinking globally and acting locally in Taiwan.

Photos of the opening ceremony dated Aug. 30, 2016

FTC/Gore Project Opening Ceremony Pic.1

FTC/Gore Project Opening Ceremony Pic.2

FTC/Gore Project Opening Ceremony Pic.4    FTC/Gore Project Opening Ceremony Pic.3