Plastic Processing Plant

Our plastic processing plant uses high-density polyethylene (H.D.PE.) as the major raw material to produce shopping bags, merchandise bags, roll bags and garbage bags of various sizes.

Our current production capacity is 670 tons per month, mainly supplying the demands of department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores and groceries.

All production processes, from inflating to printing, gusseting, sealing, cutting and packaging, are integrated and continuous, using automation machinery. Our product quality is superb and stable. Moreover, we have been certified by ISO.

To live up to the corporate social responsibility, FTC embodies the eco concepts of "reusing recycles" and "regenerating resources" by supplying bags made of 70% recycled PE resins. Moreover, to meet the society and clients' expectation for "energy saving & carbon reduction," we supply green PE bags produced from ethanol sugarcane, a renewable raw material.

In this way, we not only lessen the depletion of petroleum but also effectively reduce greenhouse gases emission, helping to enhance clients' corporate image.

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