Sports & Casual

FTC is always involved in the development of suitable cloth for casualwear, sports wear, skiwear, jackets, garments and industrial clothing.

Available in taffeta, satin, oxford, both-side, gingham, yarn dyed, metallic shine, interweave, melange, calendering, emboss, dobby, sheer-sucker, matweave, rib, fancy rib, tussor and tropical rainbow color. Important characteristics of this type of cloth are its durable water repellency, waterproof, oil repellence, stain release, down proof, anti-tack, wind-breaker, high tearing strength, wrinkle , softing finishing, oil-touch, wax-like, foam coating, sun protection treatment, waterproof with moisture permeable, warmness, golden or siver coating, pearl coating, color added for sliver coating, opal printing, discharge printing, stretchable, peach skin, suede-like, thermal resistant and flame retardant, abrasion resistant Kevlar—Øfabric, crease resist finishing, preshrunk finishing and anti-static(for clothing used in the electronic and oil refining industries.)

FTC emphasizes its ability to create and develop fabrics and with orders at present over 10 million yards per month, FTC is available and welcomes customers to enquire about their individual needs.

Special Offer¡G

  • Tactel and Supplex Effect: A light weight and comfortable fabric produced by fine nylon 66 from Du Pont. It has excellent resistance to wind and water and is moisture permeable, durable, abrasion resistant, color-fastness and easy to care for. This type of material is essential for any winter active sports wear. In combination with Lycra it will provide the perfect fit for summer active sports wear, beach wear and surf wear.
  • Duosix: This fabric is 100¢H nylon, produced from nylon 66 yarn. It has a variety of uses but is particularly appropriate for young people's casual wear and sports wear.
  • Teflon: Teflon—Øis a water repellent agent supplied by Du Pont. It is excellent for rain or oil repellence and it is both durable and stain resistant making it ideal for rain coats, long coats, jackets, ski-wear, garments and home textile fabrics.
  • abletex: abletex fabric is highly moisture permeable with waterproof. It is very suitable for all kinds of outdoor wear in particular ski, marine and sports wear.
  • Micromattiqu: This is a type of microfiber from Du Pont. Characterized by its extra soft touch texture, allowing for user comfort. Naturally moisture permeable, it requires no coating. It has special uses for ladies and children clothes.
  • Microfeel: This microfiber can be classified as either a direct spinning type or a separation type. The finest filament available is the 0.1 denier. It has an extra soft touch, and is moisture permeable with water proof requiring no coating. If given a sanded finish it allows for that peach skin feeling or suedelike touch which is excellent for ladies favorite clothing.

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