Rainy & Sunny

Selecting a particular wear reflects on one's character and enhances one's appearance. Just as clothing, several selective umbrellas also match with your fine appearance. Did you know that FTC is world famous as a major manufacturer of umbrella fabrics? Taiwan was known as the "umbrella kingdom", and at the height of the boom over 70% of umbrellas were made in Taiwan. FTC also supplied over 70% of umbrella fabric amounting to 10 million yards per month for production. Thus our famous "190 nylon taffeta" became synonymous with umbrella fabric in the umbrella market. The popular comment of umbrella market is: "FTC is better". The manufacturers' opinion is that FTC's umbrella fabric have the characteristics of stable quality, ease of cutting into triangular pieces, lower waste in processing, and a good surface finish, allowing them good marketing performance.

Moreover FTC's technicians realize the company has a wealth of experience along with a special character in the printing and finishing process and wide sources of fashionable colors and designs along with the ability to develop new fabrics in cooperation for customers, tight quality control and certification by JIS, DIN and AATTC. The main treatments include a professional finish being printed, water proof, durable water repel- lent, oil-repellent with stain release capabilities(Du Pont Teflon), UV.cut(Uvoutex provides 90%í˘protection from the harmful effects of sun exposure, reducing sickness and skin disease.), bacteria resistance, pearl coating, calendering, microfiber sanding and so forth.The density of warp and weft is approximately 180-360 per square inch. The type of cloths are taffeta, pongee, twill, satin, piece dye, gingham and various other types. The surface finishes include a thin-light weight transparency, different color on both side, opal printing, discharge printing and wax touch. This kind of fabric is suitable for use in ladies, men, children, golf, garden, beach, aports stadium and advertising umbrellas.

Our steel process plant produces U-shaped steel wires and coils which are major products for use with umbrella cloth. FTC uses wire rods in it's production process from China Steel Co.(Taiwan). These U-shaped steel wires have a variety of dimensions which can be altered according to customer demands. However, the majority are supplied with a 0.38mm diameter. FTC's output capacity is about 1,800 tons per month.

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