Anti-static Functional Fabric

The Formosa Taffeta Company's(FTC) anti-static woven fabrics are made of special polyester filament yarns combined with Du Pont's state of-the-art conductive NEGA-STAT®.

NEGA-STAT® is a multi-filament, bi-component conductive yarn. Each yarn contains a trilobal shaped cross section carbon core. The core is an electrically conductive and black compound carbon and is entirely surrounded by a sheath of Du Pont's Dacron® polyester material. This, along with FTC's special warping, weaving, dyeing and finishing processes assures the electrostatic discharge effect of the anti-static fabric.

The Dacron® polyester sheath naturally provides a protective film preventing impairment of the conductive function of the core at the specialized clean room wear laundry and generation of particles at the workplace.

FTC's anti-static fabric also can be additionally treated with functional finishing such as high durability to washing, soft finish, excellent resistance to chemicals, water epellency, water proofing, and easy drying. The Dacron® sheath and these finishes ensure the all functions of the prn over the entire life of the FTC anti-static fabric.


  • Excellent electrostatic discharge effect: protects both precision products and wearers.
  • High filtration efficiency:the particle barrier capability prevents the release of body generated particles.
  • High air-permeabijity and high moisture vapor permeability: allows the release of vapors but prevents the release of particles.
  • Soft to handle so comfortable to wear.
  • High durabijity to wash and low particle generation: can with stand more than 50 washes by specialized clean room wear launders.
  • Excellent resistance to chemieals.
  • Can be treated with functional finishing such as water repelleny, water proofing, bacteria resistance, softening finishing etc.
  • Micro electronics and communication industry (clean room wear)
  • Health care (blood-proof during operations for doctors, patients and as surgical utility fabric)
  • Spray shops (coveralls for spray painting workers)
  • Pharmaceutical industry and food industry (sterile room wear)
  • Petrochemical and gas industry (safety clothing which is chemical resistant and prevents spark explosions)
  • Gun-powder, dynamite and defense industry material (prevent explosion caused by static spark)
  • Other micro-precision industries (prevents unwanted particle movement)


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