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Fire emergencies cannot be predicted. When a fire ignites, occupants may only have moments to escape. However, with NOMEX flame retardant fabric, valuable seconds can be made available, possibly providing the difference between life or death.

NOMEX (more infor.)
(High-performance Protective Fabric)

Using meta aromatic polyamide, FTC cooperates with Du Pont to manufacture NOMEX textile. The supply of knitted and woven textile is in accordance with the following:

  • Staple Yarn:
    The staple yarn is mainly 30's/2 or 40's/2 and there are two kinds.The first is 100% NOMEX and the second is NOMEX blended with flame retardant rayon.

  • Filament yarn:
    FOY, is mainly 200 denier.

    The above is suitable for sewing thread, magic tape, protective clothingĦAand is also treated as yarn-dyed, dyeable yarn or printable fabric.

  • Staple or Filament Fabrics:
    lmportant finishes are water repellent, softening, mositure absorbable, dyeing and printing. It is available, silver coated, aluminum laminated, anti-static, NIR(anti Near lnfra-Red detection) and is used predominantly to protect the body against fire and other hazards in particular fire side working suits, oil refining working suits, lab coats, kitchen clothes, police and military uniforms, tank personnel suits, flying suits, fire-fighting clothes, and motor-racing wear.lndustrial usages include: safety equipment (curtains, gloves and aprons), damper fabric, as a base fabric for industry, filter bags, diaphragm and iron board cover.

  • Properties of NOMEX:
    1. The fiber has inherent and permanent flame resistance and it is unaffected by washing or exposure to the sun.
    2. The fiber has extremely low heat conductivity making it an excellent flame retardant because it will not burst into flames when exposed to heat.
    3. The fiber will self-extinguish and, because of its carbonization property, will not melt.
    4. The fiber has low abrasion with high tear strength and is chemical resistant.
    5. Can be washed at 95˘J or even dry cleaned with easy removal of grease and soil.

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