Special Finishes

FTC's spinning plant is fully mechanized all production lines and transport routes using highly automated and computerized equipment. We have installed 87,200 spindles for 20's to 60's available for woven or knitted fabric such as cotton yarn, T/C yarn, CVC yarn, polyester spun yarn and yarn dyed. This plant has also gradually developed high tech fields for the weaving of fiber.

  • Microfiber:
    This is rayon or polyester micro-spun yarn, and the famous Du pont Micromattique.
  • Elastic Yarn & Woven Fabric:
    The outer layer is cotton and the inner layer is elastic yarn or Du Pont Lycra.
  • Carbon Fiber Fabrics:
    The carbon fiber filaments come in three thickness: 1k, 3k, and 6k. There are two kinds of fabric; the first being carbon fiber fabric and the second is carbon fiber and Kevlar interwoven. It is used as a sports material, for suiteases, in communications, in the aircraft and aerospace industries material. This is a reinforced material. It is also anti-static and for use in clean rooms.
  • Flame Retardanat Rayon Interweave Fabrics:
    These are 10's60's mono or double threaded yarns and used for woven, knitted, or interweave fabrics.
  • Anti-static Fabrics:
    These are suitable as apparel for clean rooms (in the electronic industry and spray paint shops) and clean room textile (seat covers, cleaning cloths, and utility bags) and work clothes (for oil refineries, mines, hospital clean rooms, explosive specialists) and for home textiles.
  • Core Yarn and Fabrics:
    This is used for ladies umbrellas or clothing to allow a semitransparent effect.

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