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Furnishing textiles include such thing as curtains, curtain lin-ing, shower curtains, sheets, seat covers, table cloths, and base fabric for towels. These textiles utilize cotton, polyamide, and polyester blends or interweave.They are characterized by their light resistant, down proof, water proof, water repellent, stain release, mold resistant, deodorizing, bacteria resistance and flame retardant qualities. Style and appearance can be altered to accommodate popular fashion trends by adding two- tone, melange, dobby, printing, and finishing. lt gives you the ability to provide a more aesthetic and pleasing feeling to your home environment.

High-Tech Home-Textile

FTC produces which is 100% polyester containing phosphorous molecules. A permanent flame retardance is given the phosphorous is contained within the frame work of the polymer. It is directly linked into the polymer chain and cannot be moved. It does not exit heavy smoke or poisonous fumes when burned and if the source of the source of the fire is removed, this fabric is self-extinguishing. It is both abrasion and light resistant and has almost no shrinkage or wrinkles due to its high dimensional stability. It has a high stain resistance, easy care and rapid drying qualities. Its application is found in home textiles, OA office chair covers, baby's cradle fabric, wall fabric, artificial flowers, and soft toy stuffing.Furthermore it is also widely used in hotels, restaurants, karaokes, hospitals, conference halls, theaters, cinemas, ships, airplanes and cars.Safety and it has been approved or already meet by most of the important international standards. FTC would like to supply all kinds of flame retardant upholstery fabric such as: Woven, knitted, laminated, tricot for lining or curtain fabric.

It can also be direct or paper printed, embossed, and calendered. In order to increase its value. FTC would also be happy to provide flame-retardant yarn as listed below:Fire-Retardant Spun Yarn (10's~40's), textured yarn.