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FTC Products Profiles

This department is in charge of warping, sizing, beaming, twisting, textured yarn, fabric design, weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing. FTC is one of the top three manufacturers world wide of filament woven fabric with its specialized integrated process.

This plat produces tyre cord, chafer, and conveyor ducks. Its capacity is 2,200 tons per month and it is a renowned manufacturer in Asia. The main processes are: twisting, weaving, dipping and packing. It uses the latest machinery and experiment equipment from Germany, France, Switzerland and Japan to strictly ensure its product quality. It is popular in the Asian and Australian markets and has ISO 9002 Certificate from famous institutes in the U.K., Germany,U.S.A., The Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand. This product is very much trusted by its customers.

Furnishing textiles include such thing as curtains, curtain lining, shower curtains, sheets, seat covers, table cloths, and base fabric for towels. These textiles utilize cotton, polyamide, and polyester blends or interweave.They are characterized by their light resistant, down proof, water proof, water repellent, stain release, mold resistant, deodorizing, bacteria resistance and flame retardant qualities.Style and appearance can be altered to accommodate popular fashion trends by adding two-tone, melange, dobby, printing, and gives you the ability to provide a more aesthetic and pleasing feelin to your home environment.

FTC attaches great improtance to four conditions: quality and creativity, strict and careful inspection of products, strategical alignments with world-famous companies, and the annual attendance at prestigious trade fairs. This allows FTC to cooperate, develop and grow with its customers and gain a high reputation in the textile industry. By choosing FTC products, customers symbolize the importance they place on quality and the readiness to win their buyers' trust.

* Filament Woven Fabrics

For FTC's manufacture of filament or polyester woven fabric, it mainly uses 70 denier polyamide (nylon 6 and 66), 75 denier includes cationic dyeable polyester yarn, also made up of spun-like, silky, wool-like, false twisted yarn, cuprammonium rayon, microfiber, Shin-Gosen and various others. The original dimensions are 30-840 denier. The thicker microfiber monofilament dimensions are 0.1-0.7 denier. These are produced in semi-dull, bright, fully dull, triangle-profile, flat, irregular, thick and thin, loop, slub, composite and high tenacity with one to four threads produced by water-jet looms or air-jet looms. The density for each inch is approximately 180-360 Threads. Printing allows a maximum of 15 colors with a multifunctional finish. Given the diversity of weaving, finishing and the variety of cloth, it is possible to provide almost an endless range to meet all needs. The products and their applications are listed below:

* Staple Woven Fabrics

These are produced by high speed air jet looms or projectile looms with a maximum working width of 130 inches. The raw materials used are cotton, polyamide, polyester, rayon, linen, microfiber, elastic fiber, yarn dyed and others. FTC is specialized in blending and interweaving and produces a very fashionable fabric that has a special finish, is good-looking or has a given characteristic. The output of quality fabric is approximately 4 million yards per month.