Sourcing & Quality

FTC operates a policy of "Total Quality Control" and is also involved in the quality control of its suppliers. FTC understands that quality assurance is not limited within its factory and that the sourcing of raw materials also acts as a key factor to decide the quality of its products. FTC makes public, just where, how and who are its suppliers. FTC always selects the best available raw materials on the market to produce it own products.

FTC has about 4600 versatile personnel, which includes a management level that has undergone extensive training in administration. FTC has been achieving for many years even greater levels of quality by being fully certified with the following standards: QCC, CWQC, QMU, ADR, IE, 5'S, ISO, and TPM. FTC provides continual assistance for the customer on quality issues. Production line personnel are carefully selectcd, all possessing the required qualifications and experience necessary to carry out their duties.

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