Research & Development

The direction of FTC's research and development is to accept new and updated concepts to face the challenges of the 21st century. The main points as fallows:

Creation of comfort and impressibility
The physical qualities FTC is researching include: high moisture permeability and waterproof, perspiration absorbancy and easy drying, warmness property, anti-bacteria and malodor resistancy, and deodorant properties. The subjective qualities the company is looking for include: the creation of materials with a high-tech feeling imbued with natural qualities. The sports and exercise functions being sought are: stretchability, light weight and softness and comfort with special functions for the human physique.

Health and hygiene for life
The creation of a healthy and hygienic environment is everybody's expectation and its related texiles functions are: bacterial resistance, dust mites resistance, stain release, anti acid rain and medical textiles.

Safety and protection
This includes:flame retardancy, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance,high tenacity protective fabric, UV.cut, clean room wear or other uses for fabrics that conducts elecyticity, and air-bags for cars.

Development and application of compositive fiber and function
This is to combine high polymer chemistry technology and textile technology to promote the development of special functions and Shin Gosen such as : fabric made of yarns with different shrinkability, elastic fabric, new linen-like fabric and new wool-like fabric.Another important R & D direction is high functions combined shch as waterproof and water repellency with fire-proof, waterproof and water repellency with bacteria resistance, and waterproof moisture peumeable with anti Near lnfra Red (NIR) finish.

Development of high technology textiles
High technology is the major force in the upgrading of the traditional textile industry such as:high performance ballistic-proof textiles, panels for anti-bullet armor and helments, anti NIR, medical textiles, and high functional and multi-functional coating technology.

Increase the development of life related products
These include: high tenacity tyre cord, light weight umbrella U-Shaped steel wires, biodegradable PE. bags.

Conform the procedures and products with environmental protection policy
We apply environmental protection procedures to produce materials and, meanwhile, improve the process used in production.

Creation of fashion trends
The market is guided by the need to cultivate the complete feel in all dimensions including attractive color, culture related art, and fashionable material with its properties and functions.

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