Business Philosophy

Harmony: We can,through the sincere cooperation between each individual, departments, corporations, customers, suppliers and the general community, combine together to simultaneously develop in harmony.

Creativity: By enthusiastically providing FTC's employees with a innovative and creative environment, opportunities, channels to propose their ideas, and a management system, FTC wants to motivate them to develop their potential ability, ideas, and the company's products in order to offer the product users and FTC continually improving performance.

Service: This company bases its service on the need to proceed swiftly and systematically so that it can stand successfully in the market. All employees should realize they have the duty and the personality to support each other in their work; further by creating new methods of service to solve problems, satisfy the demands of customers and carry out the company's purpose.

Contribution: FTC supplies quality products, leads the related industrial prosperity, improves the quality of life, and feeds back benefits to society, thus combining the company's purpose with its concern for society.

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